Purpose Christmas Party 2016

December 2016

For our Christmas party this year, we jetted off to Milan to celebrate italian-style with pizza, prosecco and panettone.

After an early foggy start at Stanstead (and the secret destination revealed via pizza box goody bags) we arrived in the capital via train at the beautiful Art Deco Central Station. 

We strolled ‘la passeggiata’ through the twinkly streets of central Milan admiring Gio Ponti’s Pirelli tower, the enormous cathedral duomo, vintage fiat cinnequentos – all whilst narrowly avoiding scooters. We headed to ‘Luini’s' to enjoy hot panzerotti (heavenly donut/pizza style bundles of dough folded over with sweet or savoury filings) – bellissimo!


After a mini tour of the city centre, we took the metro to the Foundazione Prada – a stunning art centre renovated and designed by Rem Koolhaus’ OMA. We kicked the evenings festivities off at ‘Bar Luce’ – a Wes Anderson designed bar within the centre with sweet formica and wood panelling. Refreshments started in a sophisticated fashion with Aperol Spritz, gin with juniper and lots of aperitivo whilst soaking up the Wes-style decor and ambiance (including Amie on Jukebox duty). 

We then caught a tram to the Canal region (Naviglio Grande) for a traditional italian late evening dinner of pizza, pasta, spaghetti, wobbly pannacotta and tiramisu. The after party started in a local bar with amaretto and negronis followed by a trip to La Fontanella – a bar where you can choose from various shared novelty drinking beer vessels for your table (Greg was intent on ‘the craken’). 

The next day we enjoyed breakfast at a local café and sampled truffle pasta before heading back via Central Station and off to London for more Christmas parties and some seriously well deserved rest.

It was a super inspiring and fun trip and we can’t wait to get back.

Buon Natale!