Stuart Youngs to speak at the DBA on Communicating Design

September 2014

Stuart Youngs, one of Purpose’s Executive Creative Directors has been invited to speak at the DBA on the subject of ‘Talking creative: communicating design better’.

The half day seminar will take place on Wednesday 22 October and will be an interactive forum, as Stuart and the panel of speakers share their individual experiences and insight.

For more details or to buy tickets, please click on the link below.

DBA Talk

"My early anxieties about talking up design and creativity were certainly not helped by my early experiences. Seeing heads shake in dismay. Being told ‘I don’t get it’ and even being laughed out of the room. These ‘ground please swallow me up’ moments left my talk in tatters.

So it’s possibly surprising that I; the communication wall flower, became the man who now relishes the front and centre, who now leads the communication of one of the UK’s most successful agencies and who now sells its wares daily.

What changed?

During this talk I would like to share my mistakes, what I learned from them and how it’s informed our approach at Purpose, including:

  • How we use a simple idea to inform everything we say and do.
  • How we think about communication from the very beginning.
  • How a basic understanding of behavioural neuroscience can help.
  • How we play to the skills of the whole agency to sell our work.

And most importantly, why I believe that effective communication about creative work is the single most important skill an agency needs to master."

Stuart Youngs
Executive Creative Director