Team building in the Lake District

April 2014

Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to ditch the desks and say hello to the beautiful surroundings of the Brathay Trust – our new home for a few days.

Three groups of keen, energetic Purpose people descended upon the serene Windermere in the Lake District, for an exciting professional development trip. Well, we certainly left London feeling energetic – as you're about to see it was a slightly different story on day four...

After being chauffeured to Brathay Hall in a very brightly coloured bus by our lovely coach Jez (also known to Suzie as Jed and Geoff), we braced ourselves to hear exactly what the Brathay team had in store for us.

High V The team
Canvas painting

Among activities such as rowing, squeezing teams through very awkward shaped webs, orienteering and scenic early morning walks, we were brave enough to conquer our collective fear of heights and climb the 'high V'. Strategically scheduled for two days into our trip when team morale was at its peak, this intimidating 30-foot pole was a highlight for many of us. Suspended in the air, we had to walk along a thin wire whilst working in pairs for balance and with the support of a harness. 

Four days later, a group of very tired but happy people made their way back to London. We had a brilliant time and are still missing the amazing food and scenery! A big thank you to Jez and the team at Brathay for our inspiring time away.